Dressing for work could be fun and interesting the first couple of weeks, but later on, things start to get tricky and suddenly we have no idea what to wear to work anymore. When deciding what to wear to work, we might need some inspiration. Depending on your workplace’s dress code, you have countless options for workwear!

Dressing appropriately according to your workplace’s dress code is significant to highlight your professionality. Dressing for work appropriately will not only make you professional but also will create an impact on your workplace relationships. So do not waste any more time and find out the best outfits for the workplace!

What to Wear to Different Work Environments

Even though what comes to our minds when we hear women’s work clothes is limited to shirts and skirts or pants, nowadays different work environments require different dress codes. The main three work environments we could use as examples are corporate offices, business casual offices, and creative workplaces. Depending on your field, the perfect outfit for you might change significantly. To make your workplace outfit-picking process easier, we will provide you with different options for each workplace environment! 

Corporate Office Attire

Corporate attire for women might be the simplest one of all workplace attires. If you can’t be sure what to wear to your corporate job, choose the classiest-looking pieces in your closet! One of the most simple corporate outfits you could create is a plain white shirt and black trousers. If you’d like to add more authenticity to your corporate office attire, you could choose different fabrics like satin shirts, or crepe trousers; or you can play with colors as long as your outfit stays professional. For instance, you could wear olive green trousers with beige shirts. If you want to change the shirt-trousers look, you could always go for pleated skirts or poplin skirts; and satin skirts if you like a little bit of spark! For those who don’t want to spend much time in the morning getting ready, modest one-pieces might be the perfect choice for corporate attire. Midi or maxi poplin dresses, and midi crepe dresses are among the ideal items for women’s corporate attire!

Business Casual Office Attire

When we go out of the corporate environment, sometimes the meaning of business casual can be confusing. As the fashion industry progresses over time, modernity takes over officewear as well. Business casual attire is a result of modernity taking over officewear and it can simply be regarded as a combination of casual clothing and corporate attire. The point of business casual office attire is to be comfortable while looking professional. For instance, you can incorporate your favorite pair of jeans into your office outfit in business casual attire! All you have to do is to combine professional items like crepe trousers, satin shirts, and poplin skirts with more casual items like jeans, chunky sweaters, or blazers over a t-shirt. 

Casual Office Attire

The casual office concept has shown a significant increase which allowed people in this industry to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. If you work in a creative, casual work environment, this is your chance to showcase your style and who you are through your clothing! If you don’t want to overdo your outfit, you can just choose casual pieces like black trousers and a white T-shirt, then complete your outfit with a unique denim jacket. For your casual office attire, you can always choose unique pieces that represent your style like linen kimonos, embroidered jackets, or a dress. Long story short, if you work in a casual environment, your office attire can be anything!

Office Outfit Ideas

If you struggle to implement the tips and tricks of creating your office outfits, then you might make use of little outfit examples! Here are our outfit ideas that you can use and adapt to your own style:

Classic Office Outfits


If you work in a corporate office, you will want to look more professional to your colleagues. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be all black and white professional! You can look professional in your super fun corporate office attire with colors! Try to choose your trousers or shirts in fun colors, maybe even match them to create a monochromatic look:

If you are not a vibrant color person, then you can go with elegant office attire options as well! Remember, you can never go wrong with black! Try to choose a pair of black trousers that fit you well, then combine them with a black tunic or sweater. To complete your look, you can add dashing pieces of jewelry like chunky gold chains or an elegant pearl necklace:

Casual Office Outfits

For your casual office attire, you need to think about which clothes make you feel confident and comfortable. Since you can wear almost anything for your casual office attire, you have the freedom to showcase your style! If you still can’t decide what to wear to work, you can try putting together some simple pieces like your favorite trousers, a pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket or a kimono jacket. For spring or summer days, you can always go for an easy one-piece like your favorite midi dress!

Trending Office Outfits

Even though our workplaces are not runways, we can always use fashion and our style to feel good! If you want to hear compliments on top of that, then you should try trending office outfits! As simple and versatile items are quite popular now, all you need is some of your imagination and your favorite items from your wardrobe. You can try neutral colors like beige, grey, black, and white. One of the safest trending office outfits could be wearing a white t-shirt with black crepe trousers and throwing a soft, beige sweater on your shoulder. Then rely on your favorite pair of sneakers. If you prefer a more sophisticated and feminine look while maintaining your modesty, you can replace the crepe trousers with black midi denim skirts or midi poplin skirts with a pop of color. Whichever trend you want to incorporate into your office outfit, make sure to not let go of your comfort and own style!

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