Hey Touchè Girl!

How are you today? How do the new goals of the year go? I should say that everything goes well here and we are super excited! Starting a new journey is the hardest thing most of the time. However, if you have someone who supports you, and shares your enjoyment; every moment of this journey becomes magnificent. While our journey continues, in every step new faces have joined us, with time, we grow up and became a family. Today, the members of our family wear Touche clothes and happiness is on their faces. This is why I am impatient of sharing these memories with you. I do not know how you feel about the impact of counting days on the flow of time, I must admit that as counting days for Touchè Squad, days did not pass so quickly. But the day has arrived and we are together now! I want you to include in these memories with great enthusiasm and a big smile on our faces. 


Kindness is contagious, they say; I think happiness is also contagious. While looking at these photographs, the breeze of happiness surrounds me. Everyone is different than each other and all together we are so magnificent. Once more, we understand that we love what we do and with great excitement: For all kinds of differences, Touchè Squad is on the air!


I will not finish this blog without saying that I love this photograph. The elegance of Elif Nur, the silhouettes reflected on the window, the structures of the city, the lights, … the gentle breeze of photography took over me in the hustle and bustle of life. What do you think about this incredible harmony of blue and brown? Or where did Elif Nur learn to make such beautiful combinations? What about the background? Do I think too much about details or is it the details that make a work a masterpiece?

Here are some faces of our family, I know that there are many members of our family all around the world who read these sentences right now. Touchè Squad is such a big community that you give life to carefully selected fabrics, designs, and accessories in a corner of the world. This pleasure is priceless.

If you are still here, our excitement is common! We are impatient to listen to you. If you want to be a part of Touchè Squad and call me, share your thoughts and feelings with us on our Instagram account with the hashtag #touchèsquad under the photo ( 

To our friends from all over the world, 

Thanks for being part of Squad, it could not be complete without you.


February 03, 2023 — Betül Özgen