First of all, we are very sorry that the product[s] could not meet your expectations. 

You have the right to return your purchases within 30 days from the delivery date of the order. It is expected that the returned items are in appropriate conditions, not damaged/worn. 


For your convenience, we would kindly like you to fill in a return request at:

At this page, you need to type your order number and your email address to make a request. Return requests are answered within 2 working days. Once it is approved, you will receive an email upon approval with instructions on where and how to return your order. When your item is returned at the return location, you will receive a full refund of your goods value in the payment method you used to purchase the item.

In case you have any questions or issues with the return process, you can reach us at:

  • For the purchases made with credit cards, the refund amount will be reflected on your credit card within 5 working days after we receive the product.
  • All shipment and customs charges incurred in the returns sent from abroad belong to the customers. These charges will also be deducted from the refund amount if the shipment and customs charges are paid by our side.
  • We recommend that you write '' Return Product '' on the box and tell this to the shipment company because of the customs and other tax charges that may be incurred.
  • Considering the additional shipment and customs charges that may be incurred, changes for the orders received outside of Turkey are not accepted. After you return your items, you can give a new order.


Our company protects consumer rights and puts a very high importance to customer satisfaction after sales. Any dissatisfaction or any problems caused by production and service that you may have with your purchased products, are meticulously evaluated and resolved in the shortest time possible.

Below you can find the requirements for us to be able to serve you better and faster with regard to returning your product. If any of them is missing, the return of the product is not accepted. If the product is returned with a refund request, the shipment fee is deducted from the refund amount. Shipping costs of shipments not accepted due to customs expenses will be deducted from the refund amount.

  • Used or damaged products will not be accepted.
  • The product to be returned must be delivered in the same condition as it was received, with the standard accessories, complete and undamaged within 30 days.


  • The shipment fee for the product(s) you want to return is not covered by our company.
  • On the condition that the products are delivered in accordance with the return conditions to our Quality Assurance Department, the refund amount will be processed on the same. It will take 5 working days for the refund amount to reflect in your account, after your shipment of the return product reaches us. Credit card refunds are also reflected in the account within 5 working days.
  • When you make your payment by credit card with installment option, the product price will be returned to your credit card every month divided by the installment number.
  • On the condition that multiple products are purchased and multiple products are returned, if the discount is applied, the discount is deducted from the refund amount.


The fee for the shipments sent as counter-payment will be deducted from the refund amount and it will be reflected on the customer side.

General return conditions are as below;

Returns should be sent with the original box or packaging. Return of the products, that are sent with damaged box / packaging (e.g. products with shipment tag put on the original box or the box strapped with packaging tape are not accepted), are not resalable, would not be bought by another customer, will not be accepted. If the product(s) you want to return are defective, the shipment fee is paid by our company. In this case, you need to send with our contractual shipment companies. Otherwise, the shipping fee is charged on you.


We always offer to send out replacements for damaged items and in some cases additional compensation. But we do not offer a full refund. If you do not want a new item shipped we kindly ask for you to initiate a return instead or make another arrangement with us.

Important: Please make sure to take photos of both the package and the damaged product and send it together with other relevant information about the claim to care@toucheprive.comPlease don’t forget to state your order number in the email as well.


Dear customer, you can cancel orders for the product you misordered or don’t want to buy anymore. In order for the cancellation process to take place quickly, please contact us via email There might be some delays in contacting me by e-mail. On some busy days, emails may be checked late and orders may be shipped before initiating the cancellation process. If the product is not shipped during the cancellation process, the money will be refunded in the same way as you carried out the transaction. If the product is shipped, shipment fees or charges will be deducted.