Recently, 90s fashion has started to have a major comeback. Some of the 90s fashion trends have become the latest trends and many influencers and celebrities have begun to embrace this. As we revisit the enchantment of 90s fashion with a modern and modest twist, let’s admit that embracing modesty doesn’t mean sacrificing style at all! If you want to implement the new-old fashion trends into your modest outfits, keep reading!

Modest Outfit Ideas Inspired by the Grunge Fashion of the 90s

Grunge fashion is known for its edgy and unconventional style. Although grunge style was frequently linked to a careless and relaxed attitude, it is also surprisingly adaptable regarding modest attire. As we merge the edginess of grunge with the beauty of modesty, embrace the spirit of the 1990s with a contemporary twist. Even though these outfits still carry edginess and carelessness, it is still possible to transform these outfits into chic, modest outfits!

1. Midi-Length Floral Dresses + Boots

As edgy as it may be, grunge fashion has florals too! If you want an elegant yet edgy look, you can always go for a midi floral dress with big black boots. The midi floral dress you’ll choose can be in any style and fit depending on your personal choice. To complete to elegant yet edgy grunge look, you can add accessories like tulle cuffs, chunky silver rings, or bucket hats. Not only will this outfit show your unique style but it will also provide you with ease of movement throughout the day!

2. Layered Flannel Shirts + Midi Denim Skirts

The flannel shirt and midi denim skirt outfits are one of the best options for a charming glimpse of 90s grunge fashion. This outfit embraces the modest fashion approach while perfectly capturing the decade’s rebellious spirit. The comfort of an oversized flannel shirt, together with the structured midi denim skirt creates a great outfit for a modernized 90s look. On any casual day, this outfit can be your go-to!

3. Jeans + Oversized T-shirts + Cardigan

One of the easiest 90s-inspired outfits you can put together is the jeans, oversized t-shirts, and cardigan outfit because almost everyone has these in their wardrobe! Just pick your favorite jeans, pick a white basic T-shirt, and throw on a cardigan: you have the most 90s look you could find! This outfit is not only easy but it also will make you feel very confident and comfortable all day!

Elegant Modest Outfit Ideas from the 90s

The 90s fashion might strike you as an edgy perspective on fashion, but the most elegant outfits are from the 90s runways and celebrity styles! Keep reading our suggestions for both casual and smart outfits fresh out of the 90s!

1. Dresses + White Button-Up Shirt

Even though we might be familiar with wearing shirts underneath our dresses from our childhood days, it’s back with modern twists! Any kind of dress can be appropriate for this outfit. You can wear slip dresses or vest dresses for the biggest 90s effect. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a button-up shirt, you can always replace it with a basic white t-shirt, it will still look 90s! 

2. Wide-Leg Trousers / Midi Skirt + Fitted Turtleneck Top

One of the most 90s looks of all time is big pants and smaller tops. However, to make this outfit a little more modest, you can skip the smaller top and choose a fitted turtleneck top for fall or winter outfits. Pair it with your favorite wide-legged trousers and wear a not-so-oversized jacket. If you prefer, you can replace the trousers with a midi denim skirt! Here, you have the easiest sleek-looking elegant 90s outfit!

How to Make Your Outfit 90s Inspired

If you don’t like copying or adapting suggested outfits, then you can try making your own outfits a little more 90s. Here are some tips for you:

Platform Shoes and Chunky Sneakers

We all know that 90s fashion has certain outfits, but it also has certain staples you can use to transform your outfit. What comes to mind first are chunky shoes! It can be platform shoes or big sneakers. They are not only comfortable but also quite trendy. You can wear the most basic outfit and complete it with chunky sneakers to get a 90s look.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have started to appear almost everywhere we look. What’s great about bucket hats is that they go with almost every outfit. When it’s summer, you can wear any outfit you wish and still be able to complete it with a bucket hat of your choice!

Big Leather Belts

Big leather belts are one of the best ways of transforming your outfit. If you’re a person of basic casual outfits, you can choose the big belt option. For example, you can wear your favorite pair of denim trousers, pair it with a basic white t-shirt, and complete your look with a brown big leather belt, and if you like, a matching color of boots with them!

Embrace the Timeless Fashion of the 90s

Whatever your style might be, you can still make the most out of returning 90s fashion trends! All you have to do is find the ones best suited to your style and maybe alter them a little. If you’re already a 90s fashion lover, then you’re lucky! You can wear the trends you like and still be walking down the street all trendy looking. You can either choose from the suggestions above and try to adapt them to your style, or you can use them as a source of inspiration for your unique outfits!

August 14, 2023

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