When the wedding season arrives, couples are not the only ones to have worries about weddings. Wedding guests go through a challenging process as well, it’s called choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit! Every wedding is different and unique, which is why every wedding guest's outfit should also be unique. Finding the perfect outfit for each wedding’s dress code and concept is a lot of work. That is why we are here with the ultimate guide to choosing wedding guest outfits! After completing this guide, you can commemorate this wonderful day with the greatest wedding guest outfit!

What to Wear to Formal Weddings

If you are planning on attending a formal wedding that has a black tie or white tie dress code and you don’t know what to wear to formal weddings, then your journey to choosing a proper wedding guest outfit might be a little challenging. Dressing in accordance with the invitation's dress code will make you appear trendy and in tune with the other visitors. One of the best options for a formal wedding guest outfit is a maxi dress. The dress's cut, fabric, and color should all be carefully considered. Classic hues like black, white, or gray are timeless choices. However, more recently, formal weddings have started to be appropriate for pastel or flamboyant colors as well. The right accessories are also crucial for a formal wedding guest outfit. For example, elegant jewelry and a chic handbag are perfect for finishing the wedding guest dress. Aside from all the stylish tips on choosing the perfect formal wedding guest outfit, you should also consider comfort. You may have to stand for a long time at the wedding and comfortable clothes will make you have a more enjoyable night. By choosing the right wedding guest outfit, you can have an unforgettable night at the formal wedding of a loved one.

What to Wear to Semi-Formal Weddings

Even though dressing for formal weddings might be challenging, sometimes deciding on what to wear to semi-formal weddings can be more challenging since it provides you with more flexibility in terms of attire. When attending a semi-formal wedding, there is no requirement that you wear a suit or an evening gown. You may want to choose a more laid-back wedding guest outfit instead. However, the right choice of clothing enables you to appear cohesive and fashionable among the other guests. As an example, you can choose a skirt or sleek-looking trousers with a classy blouse or shirt as your semi-formal wedding guest outfit. Typically, classic-cut, long skirts are considered the best option. Another excellent choice is to wear a dress that doesn’t look too bride-of-the-mother. You can also choose colors with more freedom in your modest wedding guest outfit. Semi-formal weddings can use pastel hues or vivid colors depending on the theme of the wedding. Similar to more traditional weddings, many diverse styles work well with classic colors like black, white, or beige.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

It can be difficult to decide on the ideal modest wedding guest outfit when you've been invited. But if you follow the right advice, you can pick the perfect wedding guest outfit. First, think about the invitation's location and timing. For daytime weddings, wedding guest outfits in lighter tones may be favored, while evening weddings may favor darker hues. Next, think about your personal style. Which style do you favor, classic or modern, sleek or boho, etc.? Your wedding guest outfit should represent your individual style. Additionally, don't forget to select the right accessories to complete your look. While creating the perfect wedding guest outfit, making adjustments according to the wedding's theme is crucial. The wedding invitation's themes and colors might be used to guide your clothing selection. This provides a fashionable appearance in addition to demonstrating your regard for the invitees. Also, the most important factor to consider while choosing your wedding guest outfit should be not to upstage the bride! That is why most people choose to stay away from wearing full-white wedding guest outfits.

Trending Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

There are different wedding guest outfit options when it comes to this year's fashion trends, including colorful dresses, jumpsuits, flowy materials, wide-leg pants, and dresses with asymmetrical cuts. Particularly for summer weddings, colorful wedding guest dresses are a fantastic option. If you want to carry this season’s trendy colors to your modest wedding guest outfit, you can always go with colors like electric blue, fresh green, or different shades of pink. If you don’t like that much energy for your outfit, you can always go with neutral colors like beige, with delicate details like lace accents in your wedding guest dress. Dresses with asymmetrical cuts also offer a unique and striking option for your wedding guest dress!

Wedding Guest Outfit Don'ts: What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Even though you might want to look your best with your wedding guest outfit choice, sometimes you might make inappropriate fashion choices or mistakes that could go against the concept of the wedding you’re attending. To stay clear from this outcome, you might want to consider some mistakes you might make while preparing your wedding guest outfit.

Firstly, you might want to eliminate shades of white or cream from your options given that you wouldn’t want to mess with the bride. Just like white dresses, you might want to avoid looking too jaunty for the occasion. For that, the setting and the time of the wedding is the crucial factor. You wouldn’t want to wear a sequin dress to a beach wedding, of course. Just like you wouldn’t want to wear “too much”, you wouldn’t want the opposite either. You should avoid dressing too casually even if it’s a casual wedding. For example, if you’re attending a daytime wedding at a beach or rural area, you might want to choose a laid-back, but elegant and modest wedding guest dress for that occasion.

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Each Season

When the wedding season arrives, the question of “what to wear to a wedding” appears with indecision. Depending on the season the wedding takes place in, the perfect wedding guest outfit might change. If you are unsure about what to wear to a wedding, here are some outfit ideas for wedding guests, according to the season:

What to Wear to A Spring Wedding: Modest Dresses for Spring Wedding

If you are going to attend a spring wedding and are not sure about what to wear to a spring wedding, we have several suggestions! For spring weddings, light-colored wedding guest dresses made of light fabrics like linen or skirt-blouse combinations are suitable options because the weather is only beginning to warm up in the spring. Lightweight fabrics like linen, satin, and silk would be the greatest options for a modest spring wedding guest outfit. Also, pastel hues like soft pink, baby blue, and sage green are one of the most popular color options for spring wedding guest outfits alongside floral patterns.

What to Wear to A Summer Wedding: Linen Shirts and Linen Everything!

Summer is the most popular season for weddings, so it might be difficult to decide on what to wear to a summer wedding since you have too many options. Just like spring weddings, summer weddings are great to showcase your soft-colored floral wedding guest dresses. However, if you feel like soft colors and floral patterns are not enough to reflect your summer energy, you can always go for energetic colors like fuchsia or electric blue. Apart from the color choices for a modest wedding guest outfit, the texture is also important. You might want to choose lightweight fabrics like silk or linen to overcome the heat of a summer day. You could also choose flowy fabrics with tulle details.

What to Wear to A Fall Wedding: Dresses, Shirts, and Trousers in Fall Colors

Fall weddings might be challenging to get ready for since it is not really easy to find what to wear to a fall wedding. Starting with colors, you can always try to match nature’s colors. Popular fall colors like mustard, khaki, or rust are great options for a modest fall wedding guest outfit. Since it might be cold for a satin dress, you could try two pieces like crepe trousers and sleek shirts. You can create a monochromic wedding guest outfit by wearing the same color crepe trousers and crepe tunic.

What to Wear to A Winter Wedding: Soft and Beige

Even though winter is not a popular choice for a wedding, some people go for it and it is really difficult to figure out what to wear to a winter wedding. It might be tempting to wear white crepe trousers and a white sweater with white boots, but don’t forget to stay away from all whites in your wardrobe! Instead, you can choose beige crepe trousers, a soft-brown sweater, and matching color high-heeled boots. Of course, you can always choose more lightweight options like satin shirts or poplin shirts. 

Perfect Wedding Guest Attire for Your Unique Style

Attending a wedding, as fun as it may be, sometimes can be challenging and frustrating if you haven’t found the perfect wedding guest attire yet. And the journey to finding the best wedding outfit begins with your unique style! No matter what your style choice is, you can apply the suggestions you have read above to your style. You could be a fan of classic fashion, Parisian fashion, modest fashion; anything you could think of! Whatever you wish, you can adapt these wedding guest outfit ideas to suit your fashion style and find the perfect wedding guest attire for you!

May 18, 2023

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